Another hobby is woodworking, and more specifically: furniture making.
My latest project is a table with 6 chairs. The table was already finished in April 2000, but the chairs took a little bit longer and were finished June 2001...

Construction of the legs   Putting together the frame and the legs

And the result looks like this:
Table is ready!

The prototype of the chairs and some pictures of the work in progress look like this:
Prototype of the chair Templates used in the construction

The parts of the back of the chair, ready for use   One of the final stages in the assembling   Almost ready!

And finally, all six chairs were finished and are taken into use:
Ready!   Ready!

The workshop where I do this is at the attic of our house and looks like this:
My workshop

These are some other results of my activities:
Arm chair Side tables Bed Gangkastje Stoel aangepast TV-kastje