Our cat...

Our present cat is called Pien. She is with us since October 2009. We had to get used to het a little, and she to us, but now we're quite fond of each other.


Our previous cat was Klaas. He was with us from August 2001 to March 2009. He is a so called European short hair. Coloured black and white (or not coloured you might say).

This is Klaas

The one before that passed away on June 20, 2001. He had cancer of his upper lip which could not be treated anymore. Before things got really bad, we decided to save him from too much suffering. We were very fond of him and mis him a lot.

He was called Ties. Not really a Persian name, although he was a Persian cat.
But we liked it better than e.g. Sultan (no offense!). We certainly liked Ties better then his originally given name Dolly-Annemoon. Which obviously is not very appropriate for a male cat.